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The 4th Movement

The 4th Movement

Death after Death from the young men who would be punk before punk. They debuted as The 4th Movement with this private-press Christian rock LP from 1980, now lovingly reissued,…

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posted July 16th, 2018

When Will Oldham was working with Andy Bruntel on the “Cursed Sleep” video in Atascadero, CA, he got a telephone call from his mother announcing that his father had died very suddenly and unexpectedly. This event began a distinct shift in color and practice for Bonny endeavors. Oldham advanced to Louisville, KY to see what was what. He decided to buy a house there, and to lay low for a spell. The first time he ventured out of Louisville after his father’s death, it was... (read more)

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posted July 12th, 2018

The CD box set Rebajas is a 7-disc, 6 hour and 42 minute second time time around - for some of you, anyway - through the Bitchin Bajas catalog to date, including all 11 of their solo releases: eight albums and the Bajas sides of three split records! It's a musical second time around - but on this format, it's a first.  

The music on the Rebajas box represents the dawn and early pleastoric period of Bitchin Bajas -in the... (read more)

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posted July 9th, 2018

Like GREATEST PALACE MUSIC before it, ASK FORGIVENESS was more explicitly a master class than a regular record-building session. In the case of the former, Mark Nevers facilitated an experience in which Will Oldham could butt heads, in the best of ways, with the seasoned and storied top-tier session musicians of Nashville. And the meat of those sessions was that interaction and the subsequent interactions with Oldham’s friends and comrades on previously-recorded songs. ASK FORGIVENESS was about working with Meg Baird and Greg Weeks,... (read more)

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posted July 9th, 2018

With JoyTy Segall & White Fence's new collaborative set of songs accelerate wildly from where we last found them, sharing one debaucherousmind. Their hits are like mementos buried in the ground, crawling up from the earth with attractive deformity - an auditory return to Salem's Lot with fresh, mutated sounds bubbling from beneath the surface!

The new album drops July 20th and whatta Joy it is! Patience is a virtue, good things come to those who wait blah, blah, blah--- all that's totally... (read more)

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